Accounts Guru Coaching Classes are an elite center for academic coaching for students of classes 11th to 12th, located in Gurgaon. The institution is founded by Dr. Amit Parihast. He and his team of highly skilled faculty have collectively  shaped up the lives of thousands of students over the past few years.His greatest individual strengths are his endurance and straight forward approach, supportive nature.He has  extensive knowledge and a few decades of experience in coaching accounting in Gurgaon. His approach is not only methodical but also flexible. Dr. Amit is well loved and cherished by his students for being a great mentor and an astute teacher, who knows when to be compassionate and when to be stern with the students. Accounts Guru offers best accounting tuition in Gurgaon.

The institution was started off as in accounting  in the early 2008, and was expanded to integrate modules that are relevant and was designed particularly for the purpose of quality learning.It is through his absolute determination, steady belief in modern teaching procedures and teaching ethics that students of Accounts Guru have managed to attain outstanding results and gain happiness in learning. We have finest accounts tutors in Gurgaon as we are completely aware of the existing Indian curriculum and valuation purposes. Our teaching materials are considerately crafted and lessons are prepared by qualified teachers who are  well experienced and trained to exploit the resources at the most. We firmly believe in developing interest among students and guiding them regularly to achieve best results. If you want the best accounts home tutor in Gurgaon, always remember Accounts Guru.

From its beginning, the institute has one major goal – To offer individual consideration that students cannot receive in big classrooms at school. Keeping this objective in mind, the infrastructure of the institution was planned to integrate smaller groups of students and allow smooth interaction between the students and faculty.Dr. Amit uses the ‘Tailored Training’ style, which focusses on the diverse needs of every student. All of the students that he has guided are well placed in their lives, having scored in premier professional colleges. The average score of her students in Physics and Mathematics has been in the range of 90 – 95% and notably ,we have produced toppers in Gurgaon since last eight years continuously. That was possible just because we are undoubtedly one of the best CBSE accounts tutor in Gurgaon. Our emphasisis on building a robust foundation of knowledge and ideas in students for their achievement and offer an exceptional platform for the preparation of competitive exams and board level education. The best academic support and individual care which we provide to the students assist them to meet their career goals and objectives. The fundamental values of grit, decency, legitimacy, honesty, dedication, humanism, all-inclusive learning, group ethics, and concern for society. We also have the best ISC accounts tutor in Gurgaon. Our highly competent and more knowledgeable faculties are committed to students’ success and offer conducive surroundings to contribute to their social, ethnic, educational and all-round growth.

We impart value-based career education,  create rich resources, and  offer distinct attention. To the parents, we have an accountability to cultivate ethical and accountable career leadership in the children. To the society, we build a lifelong association,morals and brilliance in  our students and make them global leaders.

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